Meaningful product stories convert consumers.

Thread helps some of the world’s most loved sport, outdoor and lifestyle brands scale their product content for the ecommerce marketplace. We write over 50,000 product descriptions a year, and have developed the most efficient and effective system for turning raw data into alluring product stories that motivate consumers to click the buy button.

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Our Process

We’ve been fine-tuning our product copy process for 10+ years, so we’ve really got it down. Here’s how we produce tens of thousands of accurate, consistent, brand-right product stories season after season.

What are you struggling with?

Thread product copy services could be right for you if:

  • You don’t have enough in-house writing talent to produce the work needed.
  • You need help transforming your brand from B2B to D2C.
  • Your eCommerce copy production is inefficient and time-consuming with uneven results.
  • You haven’t found a unique brand voice that builds trust with consumers.
  • You see your competitors winning shoppers and increasing market share and think, “Why can’t that be us?”


Is my project a good fit for Thread?

Well, we’re not for everybody. Thread product content services are best suited to brands that launch lots of new products each season and collaborate with several product managers, designers and teams. We do our best work in long-term partnerships with brands that are ready to invest in a bulletproof product story system designed to hold a conversation with consumers for many years to come, not just for a season or two.

How much does it cost?

It’s the question on every ecommerce marketing manager’s mind. For better product stories and a headache-free process, you can expect to pay between $100 and $150 per product description. Thread develops product copywriting rates specific to each client. Rates are calculated at the SKU/product level and per channel (DTC, B2B/Wholesale, Amazon). Every project will have different cost drivers, including things like: length of copy, quantity of feature bullets, quality of product information, and quantity of client review opportunities.

How long do product copywriting projects typically take?

You can expect the first project to take between 8-10 weeks. This includes time to audit your data, conduct product briefings, align on voice, write copy, and receive client feedback and approval. Once we’re onboarded, product copy projects typically run for 4-6 weeks, start to finish (depending on volume).

Who will work on my account?

We put together a customized dream team to fit the nature and needs of your business. Your Thread product copy team will include a project manager, copy director, writer, researcher, editor and proofreader. Your exact copy needs, volume and cadence will all factor into building your team.

What software and tools do we use?

All of our product copywriting happens in Talkoot, a cloud-based content creation and collaboration software. Talkoot is one of our keys to producing product copy at scale—it stores all of the raw product data and images our team needs in one easy-to-navigate place. As a client, you’ll review copy and leave feedback right in Talkoot.

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