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We write. We research. We create. We teach. All with the goal of using story to help make stuff better. Here are some of the ways we do it.

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Narrative Identity

Every brand has a story, but not every brand lives by it.

A psychologist will tell you the stories we tell ourselves about who we are—that we’re good parents, bad cooks, loyal friends—steer how we act every day. The same is true when we come together as an organization. A narrative identity can act as the North Star that guides everything from the people you hire to the products you create. It’s the point and purpose of everything you make, say and do. It makes day-to-day decision-making easier, reminds everyone why hard work is worth doing, and inspires consumers not just to buy your products, but to believe in your brand.

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Verbal Identity

Our language is a window into who we are.

Our leaders speak differently than our friends, who speak differently than our doctors and plumbers and bike technicians. But no matter who we are, one rule applies: Consistency leads to trust. And trust leads to influence. A verbal identity helps everyone who communicates on behalf of your brand express a consistent tone and message, so that you come across as a singular voice no matter where consumers find you.

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Product Copy

Ads put the product on a shopper's radar, but product copy puts it into their cart.

Producing one amazing product description is a feat of creativity. Producing hundreds or thousands of amazing product descriptions is a feat of engineering. Thread helps some of the world’s most loved brands scale their product content for the new omni-channel world. We’ve developed one of the most efficient and effective systems for turning raw product data into the tens of thousands of interesting stories that make consumers click the buy button.

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Story is what keeps campaigns from becoming a confusing tangle of one-offs.

No matter what product or brand initiative you're promoting, every new communication campaign should feel like a new chapter in an ever-unfolding brand story. As a team of dedicated writers and story experts, Thread partners with internal design departments and external agencies to create inspiring campaigns that both sell products and forward your overall brand narrative.

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A retail campaign hits home when it feels fresh and familiar all at once.

There will always be a new product, season or consumer to talk to, but a great retail campaign makes sure the concept behind the message looks and feels like the next chapter in your continuing brand story. Thread helps brands create just-right retail experiences that move products off the shelves but, at the same time, give consumers a reason to believe in your larger brand story. 

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Story Systems™

How to keep your story straight when everyone is moving in different directions.

A brand is a complex system of nested stories—from a company's reason for being, to its product categories, to its collections and collaborations, to its e-commerce product pages and hangtags—each one building upon another. We call that a Story System. Based on the model we've used for years at our own writing studio, we can help your company build internal teams and processes that keep your Story System strong and healthy amid the fast-moving world of digital marketing. 

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Workshops & Talks

There is nothing you’re feeling a story couldn’t help cure.

Think of story as the operating system for the human brain. Understand how the operating system works, and you can fix or improve any aspect of your organization. Our workshops and talks provide the skills, insight and tools teams need to use story to be better at everything from pitching ideas and securing funding to motivating teams and building better products.

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Employer Branding

Story is what turns a group of strangers into a team that has each other’s back.

Communities gather around shared beliefs that are passed along in the stories we tell each other. Workplace culture works the same way. We take the beliefs that are at the center of your brand and frame them with the right stories to help you attract and keep the right people. When everyone is motivated by the same shared belief, decisions become easier, meetings get shorter, productivity goes up and attrition goes down.

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Environmental Experience

Story transforms physical space into a living, breathing metaphor for your brand.

Game designers aren’t storytellers, but they use story to design digital experiences that keep people engaged for hours and even days. We use story in the same way to help craft environmental experiences people want to return to again and again. Whether it’s for a bank branch, a resort community or a retail store, we use story to create immersive, engaging real-world experiences.

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Social Media + Blogging

Every tweet, update and post is a deposit in your brand’s story bank.

Open any issue of Fast Company, Dwell or National Geographic and you'll find lots of topics covered by lots of writers, but all the content in those magazines seems to hang together month after month and provide a consistent experience. You always know what you'll get. Thread helps brands develop an editorial point of view for their social media efforts that will resonate with their followers and establish a sense of consistency that gives them a reason to come back again and again.

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A great name is a metaphor for what people want most out of an experience.

Thread has generated thousands of successful names for technologies, job titles, corporate programs, consumer products and more. Through years of experience, we know how to create names that teach people how to think and feel about a product or experience. We also know how to avoid the names that can sink an otherwise great idea.

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Without story, apps are just data, people are just stats and interaction is just a transaction.

The best app in the world will never be loved if the experience feels flat and data-driven. We use story to help craft apps that feel human and turn raw data into interesting experiences full of the same themes of anticipation, drama, competition and humor that fill our favorite books, movies and dinner conversations. 

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