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Pets We Work With

By Thread Staff

As we close out 2021 (and another whole year of working remotely), we wanted to honor the people we spent the most time with IRL. Who aren’t actually people at all.

We know it’s popular, but we’ve never been quite comfortable with the term “fur baby.” That’s why we’re proposing some new nomenclature: “fur colleagues.”

They’re the professional pets we share our home offices and kitchen-counter desks with. The ones who don’t judge us when we have coffee for breakfast and more coffee for lunch and Doritos for dinner. The ones who face zero consequences for falling asleep in a Zoom meeting.

Here they are: Pets We Work With.

With end-of-year fast approaching and holiday duties upon us, a gallery of super-cute animals is just the Q4 brain massage we need. So check out our fur colleagues, gaze into their big wet eyes and feel the good feelings. Ahh, that’s nice.

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By Thread Staff
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