Hi, we’re Thread.

Thread is based in Portland and Hood River, Oregon, with clients all over the world. Individually, we’re a couple dozen nice people you’d hope to bump into at a party or sit next to on a plane. We’re beekeepers and bookmakers, dance teachers and bumper-sticker designers. We love running trails in the woods and tripping over dogs in the office. We're great at story, but bad at figuring out conference call software.

What matters to us.

Let’s start out with what we’re against. Meaninglessness in all its forms: bad copy, hollow brands, sloppy processes, tangled-up strategy. You could say meaninglessness is our nemesis, our white whale, our Dr. Evil. It creeps in like black mold, and before you know it, it’s giving you a killer headache. Ending meaninglessness means recognizing what’s empty, fixing what’s broken, and taking the risk to try something new.

That also applies to the communities where we work and live. If we can use our talents and the might of our business to build better brands, we can also use them to contribute to people and places we love. We’re currently working to become a Certified B Corp.

How we do business.

Of all the things that make us proud, the fact that people really like to work with us tops the list. Most of our clients have been with Thread for years (and years), and that loyalty has everything to do with how we approach our work.

Be a human being. Each team member comes fully equipped with empathy, intuition, humor and common sense. We use them to be the kind of people we’d like to work with.

Stay curious. What is your target audience hungry for? How can you scale copy production without sacrificing quality? Why do they call it a Royale with cheese? Curiosity keeps us on our toes and invested in our work. We keep asking questions because it’s how we resist the tidal tug of business-as-usual.

Speak up. 9 times out of 10, meaninglessness soaks in and stains the carpets because smart people don’t speak up. Sure, we’re pretty smart. But smart is useless unless we’re willing to call it like we see it (and then break out the steam cleaner).

Do the right thing. When in doubt, we go back to honesty and transparency. That’s where all the answers are, even to the most difficult questions. (Especially to the most difficult questions.)

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