Better stories make better startups.

Better stories make better non-profits.

Better stories make better startup non-profits.

Better stories make better anything.

Better stories make better anything.

Get right with story.

All companies tell stories about their products. Great companies make products about their story.

A brand isn’t a logo or a visual identity. It isn’t a billboard or a website. It isn’t even the sum of all these elements combined. A brand is simply the story a company lives by. Thread helps companies, non-profits, startups and startup non-profits find their story and use it to make happier employees, better products, more loyal customers, more productive workplaces and generally a better world. And we do it by helping them get right with story.

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"Thread's insights help us speak to our customers in more engaging and authentic ways while serving as clear guideposts for navigating day-to-day decision-making."
Jaime Athos, Ph.D.
President & CEO The Tofurky Company

Brands we pour our hearts into.

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